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On The Water

Tides Inn Resort

Chesapeake Gold

  This is a new Tides Inn program highlighting oyster ecology!  Guided by Tides Inn ecologist, Will Smiley, learn why oysters are the keystone species of the Chesapeake Bay. Boarding a traditional watermen's boat, you will visit an oyster farm, pull up oyster cages, investigate and sort the catch.  Upon returning to shore, you will learn how to "grade" oysters and watch a waterman grill oysters to perfection - while enjoying a local wine or beer.  Limited to six people to include children of any age.  All guests should be prepared to be mobile enough to board a waterman's boat from dockside, with limited assistance.

 Waterfront Parks

     Belle Isle State Park

     Dameron Marsh Natural Area Preserve

     Hughlett Point Natural Area Preserve

Public Boat Launches
  Gaskins Landing

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